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UPVC Sliding Windows

Spectrum offers you the amazing style UPVC sliding windowsmade with the movable 'sashes' having more option for creating the individual panes along cottage bars. Of course, we have provided the sash windows add elegance to any home and are the ideal way due to injecting the period grandeur. In addition, the movable sash frames made from the choice of UPVC provide the ventilation options. However, our professional even upgrades to triple glazing with the Select the color and fittings and home a truly traditional look.

  • We provide the home traditional charm with modern fittings
  • In fact, we offer the Smooth to open and draught-free when closed
  • It is more Energy efficient and reduces your heating bills
  • Moreover, the secure the handles and toughened glass
  • There are noise reduction is the drowning out external sounds

UPVC Sliding Windows Construction:-

Sliding Windows are the most natural and sustainable material available from the managed with all our Vertical Sliding windows is used to two options. There is high-quality Hardwood and superior timber is complemented by the state of the art production facility as well as manufacturing the highest quality timber windows and doors.

UPVC Sliding Windows Finish:

We manufacture windows and for every project ranging from the renovations right through to ultra-modern contemporary and development of more benefits. For instance, there are required to superb weather resistance. We help you to choose from over 1,000 paints across wide range of translucent wood stains.

UPVC Sliding Windows Finish Performance:

The Vertical Sliding Sash windows are tested the outstanding weather resistance on the scope of British climate conditions. Of course, all our windows made and work with ensuring your desired performance characteristics in a particular project. In addition, the full technicians of guidance’s detail of wind loads and thermal performance and we can download the speak to our team of experts for any advice and support. In fact, there are more range of Security and choose the level of course our team will specify correctly. However, Featuring the lead weight pulley system and easy spiral balance slide system and range of beautifully engineered and more level of aesthetic elegance to any property. Most of the window frames provide optimum strength, superior thermal properties and excellent weathering performance their appearance year after year. Moreover, the commercial or domestic buildings with the structural strength of our Sliding Windows is enhanced through the more use of steel or aluminum reinforcement. For instance, these windows are secured to the reinforcement and increase the rigidity of larger windows.

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