Fixed >> Windows

uPVC fixed windows are the simplest commercial oriented window system which perfectly suits any residential types. Also, this sort of window will satisfy the commercial structure and can fulfill the wants of the space. Our fixed windows have opted for vaulted ceilings and even vaulted space which offers a beautiful and lovely look. As we include the reinforcement strength it'll not cause you to activate the lights during daytime since which permit the natural light inside your space.

Fixed windows assortment :-

  • Pictured Windows.
  • Glass Blocks.
  • Bow Window.
  • Bay Window.

Fixed windows elements we also use :-

At Spectrum Windows and Beyond the array of fixed windows have very unique properties and it'll have strong durability than it's

Wood :

This is the normal material which we use within the manufacture of uPVC fixed window also wood is taken into account because the trendsetter material. So we use this cost-efficient material on our all kinds of windows to free from dust and other things

Vinyl :

When you compare with another windows or wood using windows vinyl is taken into account because the best energy efficiency material that's why we include it. most significantly it offers the user to possess easy maintenance and cheap properties. Also, we propose our customers select vinyl windows quite the wooden windows.

Aluminium :

Comparatively aluminum windows are less maintenance and an honest option to make. you do not want to stress about the cleaning.

Fixed windows why go for it?

By means of shape, size and performance fixed windows are the absolute best option to make and therefore the design which we follow meets the fashionable form and doesn't offer any discomfort.
You can feel free to make use of fixed windows more than the moving since we have included various properties and your home gets a well standard decorative look. Our incredible easy cleaning properties will let you have comfort with your windows and especially the possibility of the innovative window design meant to provide a different sort of look to the home.

Fixed windows Superlative properties :

  • We have attached with partial round border on the windows so then it offers classical design.
  • Provided with thermal insulation to scale back the value of warmth.
  • Dual compression resides on the window piece will make it cool, draft and mud free.
  • Overall structure follows the integrity and reliability by means of chamber profile and boosting.

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