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Spectrum offers best quality Tilt N Turn Windows / Tilt and Turn Windows which is ideal for most of the homes. It could be tilted inwards with effective ventilation that turns making it more easier for cleaning the effective ventilation. Spectrum offers the modern style and any type of property is include the energy-efficient materials will to keep your heating bills low. However, it is the versatile window with state-of-the-art design and Tilt N Turn windows can tilt open at an angle from the top with hinges and more the bottom or swing inwards with hinges on the side. Our professional engineering facilitates both the operations with the simple turn of a single handle. Moreover, the perfect mix of design and functionality due to more design and functionality as it is the innovative window when in closed position and appearance of a picture window.

  • We can available for the fresh air or 90 degrees for maximum ventilation
  • Enables the safe cleaning from the inside
  • Energy efficient we can help and reduce your heating bills
  • Effective noise reduction should be great for dampening external sounds

The window is available as part of the high range of discerning end and state of the art inward opening fenestration solution. we have to provides the client maximum design expert from the large opening sizes and more achieved the suits any window replacement program and fast growing construction industry. Our professional system is designed for the production and we provide the tilt option for secure ventilation and accept the range of hardware in-line as well as meeting all the latest product testing standards

  • Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance and stylish
  • We offer the compatibility with EN casement, sliding range, box window.
  • Tilt position allows the draft-free ventilation and rain protection
  • Turn position we offer the maximum ventilation, egress opening, and quick cleaning
  • Unique and efficient single glazing bead cutting method
  • The external sliding fly screen system
  • Energy saving design due to easy to use and long lasting
  • We keep your home peaceful with noise insulation
  • Triple glass option for better insulation with overlap for enhanced performance
  • Our Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple
  • The state of art and concealed glazing and weather seals
  • We offer the Concealed heavy duty hinges must enable the continuous weather seals
  • Multi point perimeter locking the device and hardware location facility
  • However, the Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard

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