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Innovative Design, all UPVC windows and doors are individually made to fit perfectly and also customize our client requirements.

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Our Professional design team works on your project. We have more than 15 Years of work experience in UPVC windows and doors sector.

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We understand the importance of good customer service, therefore we provide 24x7 customer support and cater to all our customer requirements.

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    Spectrum casement UPVC window system provides a wide open view, is difficult to break in, and is available in a variety of colors.


    The UPVC Sliding System windows and doors are best for narrow spaces like balcony, terrace and indoor side spaces.


    This is a trending system in architectural culture. It protects the building from bad weather conditions and effects of sunlight which can be regulated.


    Windows are great view and are always in our view. UPVC Roller shutters windows provide good layer of protection.


    UPVC Lift & Slide windows and doors are in trend. They are used for large opening spaces. These types of design provides the convenience of more space and modern design.


    UPVC Sliding and folding doors and windows provide comfort and ease of access. These occupy lean consuming space too.

User Friendly Modern And Secure

Modern UPVC Windows and doors are front face of your house, hotel, resort, Farm house external ambiance etc. Various design formats are available and customized products are available according to your infrastructure. The design offers a full security, good view, and protection from climatic changes, weather factors, temperature and sun rays. This is user friendly product and never compromises in your security and design looks.


Protection and Security

Security is of utmost importance nowadays. Our products are completely robust and ecure in nature. They also provide protection from noise, storm, saves energy, prevent dust build-up, block rain water, are weather resistants and yet provide elegant designs.

Material & Structural Performance

We provide high quality products and excellent services with 100% guarantee from last 20 years.We operate all over India and have installed more than 1 lakh windows.

Advantages & Qualities

Building A Sustainable Home

Weather Resistance

There are extraordinary weather conditions in India. These are influenced by the Himalayas, Thar Desert and global warming. You can enjoy all six seasons of India using our designs.

Maintenance Free

Our UPVC maintenance is quick and easy and does not incur additional cost. Spectrum provides the fastest services in Delhi/NCR as well as for the rest of India.

High Sound Insulation

Noise pollution has become a major problem in cities nowadays. These leads to a lot of stress and behavioral issues. Our windows and doors provide complete protection from noise, hence giving a peaceful experience.

Maximum Water Tightness

In India, many cities have water tightness problems. In rainy seasons, the wooden window size changes and it becomes difficult to open and close them. Our products overcome all such problems.

Termite Resistance

Termite is also a problem in case of wooden doors and windows. Our products are durable and provide 100% termite resistance.

Thermal Efficiency Insulation

Thermal efficiency as provided in our products reduces heat transfer. Our products provide thermal insulation which reduces energy consumption and prevent heat gain and loss through the building envelope and reduces unwanted temperature change.

Whatever your mind can dream up!

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We're proud to hold all the relevant industry accreditations that recognize the highest quality standards of manufacture and fitting. It's something not every home improvements company can claim.

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Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

UPVC windows and doors block noise upto 90%. These provide a peaceful and modern experience

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort

Keeps you cooler in summers and warmer in winters. An effective insulated building envelope which is designed to reduce heat transfer.

Energy Effciency

Energy Effciency

The energy efficient Spectrum double gazed windows help reduce home energy consumption by 50 to 90% and control the inside temperature of the house.

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